- The Washington Times
Thursday, June 6, 2019

Lt. Gen. David Berger has been confirmed by the Senate as the new commandant of the Marine Corps, replacing Gen. Robert Nellerthis summer, according to a service statement Thursday.

Gen. Berger will receive his fourth star before taking his post as the 38th Marine Corps Commandant during a change of command ceremony in July. The full Senate confirmation vote came hours after Sen. Dan Sullivan dropped his block on Gen. Berger’s nomination on Wednesday.

The Alaska Republican declined to detail why he held up the White House pick, saying only this “is between me and Gen. Berger” and that the matter had been resolved.

Gen. Berger’s confirmation comes as the Marine Corps seeks to strike a balance between its traditional role as America’s light infantry force and its evolving role in the worlds of cyberwarfare and information operations focused more heavily on threats posed by traditional rivals such as Russia and China. 

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