- - Wednesday, June 5, 2019

The Democratic Party has gone totally nuts. They won’t support better protection for our southern border, they won’t support deportation of illegal aliens, and they propose to give citizenship to the illegals already here, which only entices more illegals to break through, same as it did the last time they offered the deal.

As a nine-year special-education bus driver for Fairfax County, Virginia, I saw firsthand how the children of illegal aliens burden our schools, our teachers and our limited resources. Educating children who don’t speak any English and were brought into our country illegally is stretching our teachers to their limit and forcing too many to leave the profession. Many of the schools to which I bused illegal-immigrant children had more than 50 percent of their student populations on the free-lunch program. The situation has reached the point that most of America recognizes and resents the problem, which our representatives in Washington have refused to address.

If the Democrats think their cavalier attitude will help them in the 2020 election, they are sadly mistaken. America is ready to clean house.


Burke, Va.

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