Monday, June 24, 2019


Recently, the Iranian military shot down a high-altitude U.S. drone over international waters in the Straight of Hormuz. There was no proportionate response by the United States. Instead, President Trump called off an attack against the targets due to the potential for collateral damage. This move told us that killing people would not be a proportionate response to the shooting down of an unmanned U.S. drone. Yet I believe that a proportionate response was required to avoid future such Iranian attacks.

While Mr. Trump had other choices for a response, he chose to not respond at all. For example, a warning to vacate all the people from the target zones could have been issued to clear the way for a U.S. response. In the final analysis, a destructive Iranian deed had gone unpunished and America had failed to demonstrate both its strength and its will in the contest with Iran. That was not the right way to end this unprovoked attack by Iranian forces.


North Las Vegas, Nev.

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