Monday, June 24, 2019


President Trump had given U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement the go-ahead to “legally” begin removing more than 1 million illegals in our country. Now, after approximately two-and-a-half years of “resist at all costs,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has asked the president for more time. Mr. Trump, offering more consideration than he has been shown by the Democrats, has agreed. Offering a two-week delay, Congress now has a very short time to do what they could have done years ago.

I find it strange that we have heard Mrs. Pelosi say, “No one is above the law” several times as she looks toward impeachment of the president. But she wants more time to bend our law for illegals’ sakes. Notice any hypocrisy here?

Once again, our president has shown that the Democrats are not driven by what is good for the American citizen. It presents the perfect opportunity for Congress to actually work until the job is done. But since the next two weeks includes Independence Day, a day that most working Americans get off from work, Congress will likely take a full week off. Yes, America, this is what we have been allowing.


Gilbert, Ariz.

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