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At MSNBC, if you’re a racist, that apparently means you’re a Republican.

Host Kasie Hunt teased an upcoming segment at the left-wing network Wednesday on the furor over Joe Biden saying he used to be able to work with senators who were segregationists and lamenting the partisanship of today.

He named Sens. James Eastland of Mississippi and Herman Talmadge of Georgia.

“Still to come, Joe Biden references his relationships with two former Republican colleagues at an event in New York City. The only problem? They were both segregationists,” she said.

There was another problem — albeit a problem with Ms. Hunt.

Both Eastland and Talmadge were Democrats.

Almost all Southern senators during the Jim Crow era and well into the 1970s and early 80s were Democrats (similarly with most U.S. House members and state-level lawmakers). Whatever relevance it may have today, the Democrats were uncontroversially the party of slavery and racism and Republicans the party of abolition and civil rights for much of the two-parties’ history.

According to a Mediaite report, in the subsequent segment Ms. Hunt never corrected her false claim that Eastland and Talmadge were Republicans, referring to them only as “colleagues” and “lawmakers.” Anita Dunn, who was on the show as a surrogate for the former vice president, similarly did not identify the party of Eastland and Talmadge despite what Mediaite characterized as “multiple opportunities” to do so.

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