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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The MLB Umpires Association tweeted a strongly-worded rebuke of the length of punishment San Diego Padres star infielder Manny Machado received for arguing with an ump, and Major League Baseball returned the favor a few hours later.

Machado was suspended one game for arguing balls and strikes with a home plate umpire and throwing his bat at the backstop in anger last Saturday.

The MLBUA tweeted a statement with several makeshift hashtags, including #LeadByExample, #Inaction, #TemperTantrum and #MakeanExampleof, the last one seeming to imply the umpires’ union wanted MLB to “make an example of” Machado by issuing a longer suspension.

“Violence in the workplace is not tolerated, and offenders are dealt with severely and even made examples of for the good of it’s (sic) employees, as well as the company itself,” the statement read in part. “Is this truly what MLB wants to teach our youth?”

MLB issued a statement in response to the umpires, saying it was inappropriate for the association to comment on Machado’s suspension, as well as to compare Machado’s outburst to “violence in the workplace.”

Machado is appealing the suspension.

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