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Friday, July 26, 2019

The Senate Armed Services Committee will hold a nomination hearing next week for President Trump’s pick to be the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff following allegations of sexual misconduct.

Late Thursday, the committee announced they will proceed with Gen. John Hyten‘s nomination process after having “devoted many hours to reviewing General Hyten and his nomination, at four executive sessions held by the committee and on their own time,” chairman James Inhofe, Oklahoma Republican, said in a statement. 

Earlier this month, the Associated Press reported that a senior military officer accused the Air Force general of sexual misconduct which prompted several investigations, including a military inquiry, but did not see enough evidence to charge Gen. Hyten

The committee this week met with the accuser in a closed-door setting and later talked with the general. 

“Through a fair, thorough and methodical process, each member was able to ask questions, receive answers, review documents, listen to testimony, conduct analysis and express their opinions,” Mr. Inhofe continued. 

Gen. Hyten currently serves as the commander of U.S. strategic command and has been rumored to be a top pick to lead a potential Space Force. 

His nomination hearing will be held Wednesday morning. 


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