- The Washington Times
Thursday, July 25, 2019

House Democratic Caucus Vice Chair Katherine Clark endorsed an impeachment inquiry on Thursday, becoming the highest member of Democratic leadership to back starting the impeachment process.

“Throughout his life and presidency Donald Trump has proven himself unfit to serve,” she said in a statement.

The Massachusetts congresswoman said she respects the methodical approach House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has pushed for the party, but said it’s being met with too much pushback.

“All of our efforts to put the facts before the American people, however, have been met with unprecedented stonewalling and obstruction. That is why I believe we need to open an impeachment inquiry that will provide us a more formal way to fully uncover the facts,” she said.

Rep. David Cicilline, the party’s messaging chair, is the only other member of leadership that has called for an inquiry.

By The Washington Times’ count, more than 90 Democrats have called for an impeachment inquiry.

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