Wednesday, July 24, 2019


Madame Rajavi, ladies and gentlemen, it is a great pleasure to be here today and to be even a small part of what I believe is a great day for the cause of freedom in Iran and throughout the world.

I’d like to address my remarks to the residents of Ashraf 3 and to the resistance units who are risking their lives every day in Iran. Because they represent what I believe is the front line in a battle, a historic battle between good and evil. And I know that sophisticated foreign policy specialists and the think tank intellectuals will reject that characterization as overly simplistic and too emotional. With regard to emotion, I think it’s very difficult to be dispassionate when over 100,000 of your compatriots have been killed in this struggle. And with regard to being overly simplistic, I think it’s absolutely essential that we acknowledge that evil does exist in this world. What we have seen in Iran in terms of the crimes against humanity that have been perpetuated by the mullahs truly rises to the level of evil.

You have shown that your cause will prevail over evil. And I would say that even more important than the magnificent buildings that you have built is the spirit of Ashraf 3. The regime may fight you with bullets, with missiles, with armored vehicles. It may imprison you, torture you, kill your mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers, but it will not triumph over your spirit. That spirit is defined not by a sense of bitterness but by a sense of hope and optimism, which I think is grounded in your total dedication and commitment to a free Iran.

Your strength is derived from the truth, and the truth is your most powerful ally. And after the lies of the regime are exposed, what will remain will be the facts. And the facts are clear. It is a fact that there is a path to a free, a democratic, a secular, a non-nuclear Iran, and that path is revealed in Mrs. Rajavi’s 10-point plan. It is a fact that there is a viable alternative to this regime. The NCRI and the MEK provide that alternative. This is not Syria. This is not Libya. We have a capable government-in-exile who can guide the Iranian nation to freedom, who can restore the basic rights of the Iranian people. And it is a fact that the regime will fall … because of the desire of the Iranian people to be free.

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