Wednesday, July 24, 2019


It is not only an honor but exciting to be here in Ashraf 3.

The cause of the residents of Ashraf, the cause of what I would call the prisoners of the bizarrely, insanely named Camp Liberty, was embraced by more and more members of Congress of both political parties. You’re a cause. We were irritated and anxious when your freedom was repressed, when you were let down and you were treated unfairly, including by the United States of America. We were hurt and heartbroken and angry when you were terrorized and murdered in Camp Liberty by Iranian forces. But you were a cause to us.

This weekend, we have met you. You are real people. We have heard your stories. You have deepened our commitment to stand with you every step of the way from the hell that you lived in in Camp Liberty to the heaven that will be life in liberated Iran.

Well, it’s hard not to believe on a weekend like this, in a gathering like this, with so many leaders from around the world who are saying to you not just that Iran is ready for a new day and dawn of freedom, not just that you are ready for a new day of dawn and freedom in Iran, but for all of us around the world we are ready to stand with you in the fight for freedom. We have all learned a phrase this weekend. Hazer, hazer, hazer. We are ready. And we will stand with you every step of the way.

Now, why do I say a new day is dawning? It’s not there yet, but we’re getting close to a new day of freedom in Iran. It’s because of a confluence of forces that have come together. And the first is represented by the liberation of Ashrafis and the miraculous building of this community here in Albania. Now, this great movement, you suffered, you refused to yield, you refused to give in, but right alongside you was the NCRI and the MEK led by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi. They would not leave you behind. It might have been easy. But in standing with you and fighting for your freedom, they told the rest of the world a lot about themselves. And you told us a lot about this movement. And now that you are here, the NCRI and the MEK can focus with full attention and energy on the ground, on the battlefield for freedom in Iran.

Resistance groups are growing every day as the regime is weakening every day…. The Iran nuclear agreement was signed in 2015 in spite of the fight that many of us made against it because it was a bad agreement for the Iranian people, for the United States, for the world, for all the reasons that have been said.

I thought that a new day could only dawn from the ground up in Iran. And of course that’s necessary, but now something new and different has happened. And what I’m about to say, I’m saying as a Democrat and I’m saying as somebody who didn’t vote for Donald Trump in 2016, and that’s why I hope you believe I’m saying it with all the more sincerity. President Trump has been heroic and historic in taking the actions he has to break the Iran nuclear agreement, to impose sanctions on the Iranian government. We have gone from the specious, the baseless charges of terrorism against the MEK, NCRI, now to where they truly belong. Today, it’s the IRGC that is clearly known and designated as a terrorist organization. And that’s what it is…

Now, there’s someone you and I both know if he were still alive would be here today. A great fighter for human rights throughout the world and a devoted believer in the cause of freedom for the people of Iran and the cause of the NCRI, MEK. And that is my dear and our dear beloved friend, a blessed memory, the honorable John S. McCain, Senator from Arizona. Thank you. Thank you. God bless his soul. You know, I’m spiritual enough to believe that he heard that up there and thanks you. John could not be here of course today; he left us last August. But he was in Ashraf 3 in April of 2017. And I want to bring back to you the words he said, he would be so astounded and impressed by what has become of Ashraf 3 today. And here’s what John said on that day to people who are here, “You have stood up and fought and sacrificed for freedom, for the right to determine your own future, for the rights that are given by God. I thank you for being an example to the whole world that those who are willing to fight and sacrifice for freedom always will achieve it.” End of quote from John McCain. I’m proud to bring his words to you because they are true. The battle to liberate Iran from the radical religious dictators who control it today is a battle that not only has great significance for the people of Iran but for the cause of freedom throughout the world.

And it begins, as every movement must — the movement doesn’t happen automatically. A movement needs a strong, principled, collaborative leader. And that is what you have, thank God, in Mrs. Maryam Rajavi. She is able, she is principled, she is visionary, she is selfless, she cares for every one of you. Yesterday, my wife and I walked through the exhibition here, the 120,000 martyrs, with Mrs. Rajavi. And she looked at those — it was really like walking through a Holocaust museum. And she looked at every one of the faces there as if they were members of her family. That is the way she feels about every one of you and about every citizen of Iran. You are blessed to have such a leader, and it makes it that much easier for my friends from the United States and around the world to stand with you as we will until victory is secured. Looking at this movement’s history, it’s remarkable that you fought both the Shah’s dictatorship and then have stood against the mullahs as well, because your North Star is freedom, is human rights. Ashraf 3 is the best testament to the fact that this movement presents a viable alternative to the regime.

So, let me once more say in conclusion, to others in the world who would preach appeasement, who would disillusion themselves, who would allow themselves to be entrapped in foolish, wasteful discussions with the mullahs, it’s time to stand firm against the regime. It’s time to stand with the people of Iran. It’s time to stand for the people’s freedom. It’s time to bring a government to Iran that will reject claims of leadership based on heredity or religion. The people of Iran deserve a government that is accountable to them, a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. And together, yes, we can. We are ready. Hazer, hazer, hazer.

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