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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Far from ending the inquiry into President Trump, the special counsel’s report was an invitation to more investigation and even impeachment of the president, House Judiciary Chairman Jerrod Nadler said Wednesday as he kicked off a day of hearings with Robert Mueller.

“We will follow the facts where they lead. We will consider all appropriate remedies. We will make our recommendation to the House when our work concludes,” Mr. Nadler said. 

“We will do this work because there must be accountability for the conduct described in your report, especially as it relates to the president.”

And he took pains to cast Mr. Mueller as a neutral arbiter of the facts and a man of “remarkable integrity,” rather than the conflict-riddled investigator Mr. Trump has said he is. 

Mr. Nadler pointedly reminded his audience that despite the cost, which Mr. Trump and Republicans frequently cite, Mr. Mueller’s probe recovered more than that in restitution from Paul Manafort, the former Trump campaign chairman who has been convicted of multiple crimes based on Mr. Mueller’s work.

As for Mr. Trump, Mr. Nadler said the special counsel’s report “made it clear” the president was not exonerated. 

“Any other person who acted this way would have been charged with a crime,” he said. “And in this nation, not even the president is above the law.” 

Mr. Nadler and the Judiciary Committee will get first crack at Mr. Mueller Wednesday morning, followed by another appearance before the House intelligence committee in the afternoon.

Democrats are banking on the hearings moving the needle toward impeachment, while Republicans have predicted the hearings will be a bust and not uncover any new details. 

The Department Justice told Mr. Mueller this week he cannot stray from the four corners of his voluminous report. The letter was sent in response to the special counsel’s request for guidance regarding his testimony. 

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