Wednesday, July 24, 2019


Albania is Mother Teresa’s homeland. It is a small country by size, its people have a big heart… It is this land that has been so hospitable to you with our friends on the road to exile. I wanted to begin by thanking Albania, which has allowed you to have a very precious refuge here.

But it’s you, with your hands, your courage, your hopes, that built this place. Also, by the sacrifice of 120,000 of yours… What you did here in less than two years, you can do in Iran in one day.

I also feel emotion because I measure how much a people in exile needs a land. And here I also think of France — France, which has also welcomed you, offered you a land of welcome. It is the honor of France to have done it….

The problem is that with a fundamentalist power, negotiation is impossible. I am not surprised that the nuclear agreement is today in a total impasse and that everyone else is divided on its relevance … Nobody knows whether to save it or not.

Because we can not negotiate with a hand in the back, it is therefore necessary to change the interlocutor. And preferably have an interlocutor who is both respectful of the principles of peace and respectful of democratic principles…. The region needs an interlocutor who contributes to peace in the Middle East.

Iran needs leaders who respect the freedom and dignity of its people….

My message is simple. From now on, we must not only worry about nuclear power but also respect for human rights and women’s rights in Iran. Thank you.

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