Wednesday, July 24, 2019


We are now approaching the time when freedom will be restored to Iran. We’ve seen since last year the people of Iran defying the regime’s crackdown to rise up against the theocracy across Iran as a first step towards freedom. Your Iranian opposition, you, the MEK, are clearly behind these ongoing protests that continue to grow…

At the center of this stands the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. I welcome the United States’ decision to designate the entire IRGC as a terrorist organization and to impose sanctions on the Supreme Leader and his office. I sincerely hope that the new United Kingdom government coming in … will join our American allies in these efforts. In April, I tabled the motion in Parliament to proscribe the IRGC and the Supreme Leader and all parts of the regime. I’m pleased to say this motion was supported by members of Parliament on all sides of the chamber and from all political parties.

I am also one of the plaintiffs in the case against the so-called Iranian diplomats who are awaiting prosecution in Belgium for attempting to bomb last year’s gathering in Paris. We were there as a large British delegation, meeting with you all, and the UK and our European allies must now move to proscribe the whole of Iran’s Intelligence Ministry as a foreign terrorist organization.

The mullahs only understand the language of firmness. The international community, especially in the West, must make it clear to the regime officials that we in the Free World stand with the people of Iran and the resistance movement, the NCRI, in their efforts to bring freedom, democracy, human rights, to their country, Iran… Iran is destined to have a better future, stability, and prosperity because it has a democratic alternative in the NCRI, a strong, inspiring leader in Maryam Rajavi, and a viable plan in her democratic platform for the future of Iran. We will support you, and we will be with you on the day when we can celebrate a new beginning for Iran. Last year we met in Paris. This year we meet in Ashraf. Let us resolve that next year we will meet in Tehran in a free Iran.

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