Wednesday, July 24, 2019


The prominent role of women in the Iranian resistance reflects what is happening in Iran with women organizing and being at the forefront of the protests that have been going on in the country. Brave women in Iran are challenging the regime in every possible way. Many, as you know, have been arrested and held in the most inhumane conditions, under torture, in the regime’s prisons. To uphold women’s rights, my friends, is to uphold human rights. When the Iranian regime has reduced women to second-class citizens and considers women’s rights activists as enemies of the state, then it is really time for the world to stand up, speak out, and support the work that you, the NCRI, are doing.

We saw in the museum yesterday the women who have sacrificed their lives, their freedoms alongside their countrymen. It demonstrates the strength of men and women fighting for the same cause. I hope that we will sooner rather than later celebrate her success, your success, our success in Iran.

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