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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam B. Schiff said Wednesday the actions of President Trump detailed in the special counsel’s report are worse than a criminal.

Mr. Schiff’s remarks were part of former special counsel Robert Mueller’s appearance before the panel, one of two hearings featuring the veteran prosecutor.

While conceding that Mr. Mueller may not have uncovered a crime, the California Democrat said the special counsel found Mr. Trump and his campaign staff were “disloyal” to the United States.

“A crime is a violation of the law written by Congress. But disloyalty to country violates the very obligations of citizenship, our devotion to a core principle on which our nation was founded, that we, the people, not some foreign power that wishes us ill, we decide who shall govern us,” he said in his opening remarks.

Mr. Schiff said disloyalty to country was a strong accusation but felt it was warranted because the Trump campaign did not report overtures by Russian agents.

“This is what is at stake: Our next election and the one after that for generations to come. Our democracy” he said.

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