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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Rep. Jerrold Nadler said Sunday ahead of the upcoming special counsel Robert Mueller hearing that the testimony could change the course of how the party deals with President Trump.

“The report presented very substantial evidence the president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. We need to let Mueller present those facts to the American people,” the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee said on “Fox News Sunday.” “And then see where we go from there.”

“I believe when people hear what was in the Mueller report we’ll be in a position to be holding the president accountable and make this less of a lawless administration,” he added.

Rep. Al Green, Texas Democrat, attempted to force the party to vote on impeachment last week, and 94 other Democrats sided with him in fighting against a motion to kill his articles.

However, Mr. Mueller has said he doesn’t plan on elaborating on his 448-page report.

“The report is my testimony. I would not provide information beyond that which is already public in any appearance before Congress,” he said in a press conference a few months ago.

Mr. Nadler was unbothered by the possibility that Mr. Mueller could just stick to his own words, and said his members plan on asking him to read specific pages and explain the reasoning behind them.

“We want the people to hear directly from Mueller about what he found,” Mr. Nadler said.

Meanwhile, Republicans plan to get into the controversy surrounding Mr. Mueller’s team and alleged misconduct in the FBI.

Mr. Nadler dismissed Republicans’ approach, saying, “If they want to debate, or discuss I should say, this irrelevancy, let them waste their time.”

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