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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The House voted down articles of impeachment brought to the floor Thursday by Rep. Al Green, Texas Democrat, firmly tamping down on attempts to act on a growing call within the Democratic Party.

The motion to table the article passed on a 332-95 vote, and effectively kill it, was backed by all the chamber’s Republicans and a majority of Democrats.

Mr. Green noted the number of votes he did receive and took that surge of backers as a boon.

“In my opinion, it didn’t fail,” Mr. Green said. “But whether we get 95 or 5, the point is we have to make a statement to the American people.”

Despite the rejection, Mr. Green insisted Mr. Trump will ultimately be impeached and didn’t close the door on attempting to force another vote.

“I do believe his comments coupled with behavior at some point will lead to his impeachment. I don’t think he will serve out his term,” he told reporters after the vote.

However, 95 Democrats backed Mr. Green’s play, far more support than he’s received in his two previous attempts at forcing an impeachment vote. His December 2017 and January 2018 efforts came when Republicans controlled the chamber and success was even less likely than it was Wednesday. About 60 Democrats joined him in each of those bids.

President Trump dismissed the push for impeachment as “the most ridiculous project” and urged Congress to get back to work.

“We’ve just received an overwhelming vote again impeachment and that’s the end of it,” Mr. Trump told reporters.

Before the vote was tallied more than 80 Democrats had called for Mr. Trump’s impeachment or at least for the House to start formally that process with an inquiry.

Mrs. Pelosi insisted that she would rather keep her party focused on legislative issues, while several of her committee chairmen worked on their respective investigations into the president’s administration and personal businesses.

“We have six committees who are working on following the facts,” she told reporters earlier Wednesday. “That is the serious path that we are on.”

Former special counsel Robert Mueller’s blockbuster testimony, which many have said could be the linchpin for the Democrats’ decision on impeachment, is slated for next Wednesday.

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