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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Donald Trump Jr. fired back at Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s “motherf—” remarks about his father with some facts about Michigan job growth.

“Hey Rashida, guess who just got Ford to ditch their plans for Mexico and send 700 jobs to your home state instead? THAT’S RIGHT, THIS MOTHER F’____!!!” Mr. Trump Jr.’s Instagram page said Wednesday with a picture of the president giving a double “thumbs up” sign.

The image is in response to the Michigan Democrat’s recent vow that she and her colleagues were ready to “impeach the motherf–er.”

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“Wish some of these Anti-American liberal activist reps would do a little more fighting for the people of THIS country and THEIR constituents for a change,” Mr. Trump Jr. wrote. “I know that’s what @realdonaldtrump is Actually doing. He is fighting for America and Americans for their jobs, for their families, and for their well being.”

He then linked to a 2017 article titled, “Ford Cancels a $1.6 Billion Mexico Plant and Adds 700 Jobs in Michigan.”

Ford Motor Co ... scrapped a planned Mexican car factory and added 700 jobs in Michigan following criticism by Donald Trump, as the U.S. president-elect turned his attention toward rival General Motors Co with the threat of a ‘big border tax’ over compact cars made in Mexico,” the piece reads.

Ford CEO Mark Fields called the move ‘a vote of confidence’ in Trump, but primarily a response to a decline in North American demand for small cars like those that would have been made at the Mexican plant. He said Ford would have made the same decision even if Trump had not been elected. … Top Ford executives personally notified Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence of their decision. Fields praised tax and regulatory proposals advocated by Trump and his fellow Republicans who control Congress.”

Ms. Tlaib’s apologized on Tuesday for the “distraction” her comments caused, but not the outburst itself.

“I understand I am a member of Congress and I do not want anything that I do or say to distract us. And that’s the only thing I apologize for — is that it was a distraction. … I am a woman of color, and I know my residents are nodding because they believe me and they have my back on this, but people like us never run for office and when we do, this is who we are.”

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