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Friday, January 4, 2019

“Misgendering” isn’t just a springboard for intellectual debate at the University of California, it’s a safety issue.

The San Francisco institution offers pronoun stickers on its identification badges for students who are worried about traversing campus with their preferred pronoun unknown.

“Whether you are working with a colleague, peer, or patient — we want to allow for everyone to specifically indicate their pronouns so each individual feels safe navigating UCSF,” the university’s LGBT Resource Centersaid on its website. “These stickers aim to reduce instances of misgendering and to make it easier for you to know which pronouns to use for someone you just met, especially if you are not sure about their correct gender pronouns.”

Stickers are color coded so strangers can quickly tell how a student wants to be addressed:

  • Purple: He, Him, His
  • Blue: She, Her, Hers
  • Orange: They, Them, Theirs
  • Red: Ze, Hir, Hirs
  • Green: “Ask me about my pronouns.”

“Why stop there?” conservative website The Blaze asked Friday.

Writer Dave Urbanski noted that the University of Georgia “opened the door for other pronouns such as ‘per’ and ‘ve’ and ‘ver’ and ‘eirs’ and ‘eirself’ — along with ‘vis,’ ‘vers’ and ‘verself.’ Not content with additional vocabulary, the group also decreed that folks must use a person’s correct gender pronoun even if they’re not with that person.”

UCSF’s LGBT Resource Center encourages all students to get a pronoun sticker for their identification badge.

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