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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler said Wednesday acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker’s testimony left lawmakers with as many questions as answers.

Mr, Nadler to Mr. Whitaker asking him to clarify his testimony last week before the House panel.

Democrats say Mr. Whitaker contradicted himself and, at times, was evasive on a number of questions.

In the letter, Mr. Nadler said the acting attorney general gave conflicting answers on whether he ever discussed the charges brought against President Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen.

When asked to confirm a CNN report that Mr. Trump lashed out at him after Cohen’s guilty plea, Mr. Whitaker said he hadn’t heard from the president on the matter.

Later, when asked if he at all discussed the Cohen case with the president, Mr. Whitaker refused to answer.

Mr. Nadler said the panel also is seeking clarification on policies initiatives from Mr. Whitaker on immigration and LGBTQ rights.

The letter did not threaten a subpoena nor request that Mr. Whitaker re-appear before lawmakers.

Mr. Nadler’s letter comes on what is expected to be Mr. Whitaker’s last full day as attorney general. William P. Barr is expected to be confirmed by the Senate Thursday.

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