- The Washington Times
Wednesday, December 4, 2019

A pro-impeachment legal scholar testified Wednesday before Congress that he was horrified by President Trump’s comments about fighting the impeachment inquiry.

Harvard Law School professor Noah Feldman said he got the fright when he heard Mr. Trump boast that his executive power allowed him to do what he wants.

“Those, in particular, stuck a kind of horror in me,” he told the House Judiciary Committee, as he and other legal scholars testified about the impeachment case against Mr. Trump.

The remark elicited a smattering of laughter from the audience at the hearing.

Democrats on the committee got the reaction from Mr. Feldman when questioning him on whether the president’s actions constituted obstruction of a congressional investigation and an impeachable offense.

He said it did.

The Democrats played videos in which Mr. Trump said, “We’re fighting all the subpoenas,” and, “Then I have an Article 2 where I have the right to do whatever I want as president.”

Article 2 of the Constitution enumerates the powers of the executive branch.

Asked whether he had considered those statements in drawing his conclusion, Mr. Feldman said he had.

“As someone who cares about the Constitution, the second of those, in particular, stuck a kind of horror in me,” he said.

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