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Monday, December 2, 2019

A new bullet that can fire through 13 blocks of ballistic gelatin is in the hands of U.S. Special Operations Command.

A tungsten-tipped CAV-X bullet by Virginia’s DSG Technologies‘ may be the next asset at special operations forces’ disposal. The round, which creates an air bubble as it zips through a liquid, mitigates momentum loss suffered by regular ammunition.

The military website Defense One recently reported on DSG Technologies‘ testing and experiments conducted by SOCOM in November.

DSG officials said the demonstration, which was part of a larger event put on by the Global SOF Foundation, bested an ‘unofficial’ world record that DSG had set just the day before, and another record that they had bested in May,” technology editor Patrick Tucker wrote.

Most rounds can only pierce a couple of gelatin blocks, which are 1.3 feet long, the website reported.

Of interest to military officials is the ability for “frogmen to shoot up into enemy boats or helicopter gunners to strafe periscope-depth submarines,” he added. “In tests performed by DSG, the .50-cal. bullets can travel 60 meters through water or penetrate 2 cm of steel through 17 meters of water.”

Odd Leonhardsen, the company’s chief science officer, told the military website that foreign governments have expressed interest in the round, although he declined to identify them.

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