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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Impeachment reading continues to be popular. After special counsel Robert Mueller’s report was released last year, multiple news organizations and publishers scrambled to release the contents of the report in book form, adding their own graphics, commentary and noteworthy packaging.

The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence’s lengthy report on President Trump’s possible impeachment is about to get the same treatment.

A full-length book based on the report is due out Dec. 24 from Skyhorse Publishing, an independent publisher that is readying a 504-page edition titled “The Impeachment Report: The House Intelligence Committee’s Report on the Trump-Ukraine Investigation, with House Republicans’ Rebuttal.”

Constitutional scholar and New York Times bestselling author Alan Dershowitz — who has been critical of Democratic attempts to impeach Mr. Trump — will write the introduction.

“The Democrats have now announced that they intend to propose only two grounds for impeachment: abuse of power and obstruction of congress. Neither is specified as a ground for impeachment in the constitution. Neither is a high crime and misdemeanor. They have apparently dropped the only specified ground, namely bribery. A vote to impeach President Trump on grounds not specified in the constitution would be unconstitutional and void,” the publisher notes in an advance sample of the Mr. Dershowitz’s contribution.

“As an independent publisher, we’re eager to find ways to reach readers, and our ability to move quickly has enabled us to be successful in unexpected ways, including with timely, important political books,” said Tony Lyons, founder of Skyhorse.

The book will retail at $13 and will have a first printing of 100,000 copies.

There’s already some competition. Broadway Books also has a book based on the House report with an introduction by author and historian Jon Meacham arriving later in the month as well.

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