- The Washington Times
Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Carli Lloyd is still fresh off winning her second career Women’s World Cup with the U.S. National Team. If she never pursued a soccer career, football could have been in the discussion instead.

Lloyd showed off her powerful leg Tuesday when she made a long field goal attempt while hanging out with her favorite team.

On the second and final day of joint practices between the Philadelphia Eagles and Baltimore Ravens, Lloyd lined up and nailed this kick, which would have counted as a 55-yard field goal in a real game situation.

Lloyd is from Delran, New Jersey, a suburb of Philadelphia, and is a lifelong Eagles fan.

A two-time FIFA Player of the Year with 113 career goals, she scored three times at the World Cup en route to a dominant U.S. victory.

Lloyd drew some boos at the U.S. National Team’s victory parade in New York when she said “Fly, Eagles, Fly” in front of a crowd that certainly skewed toward Giants fans. 

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