- The Washington Times
Wednesday, August 14, 2019

President Trump’s 2020 campaign has its eyes on “Fredo” cash in the wake Chris Cuomo’s “b—s from the right call me Fredo” outburst. 

The CNN host said that he should “be better than what I oppose” after footage of an angry exchange at a New York bar went viral this week, but that didn’t stop the Trump campaign from parlaying the moment into fundraising merchandise.

A $34 “Fredo Unhinged Tee” is available on the campaign website for political junkies who see the story as illustrative of media bias.

The video, which tallied over 640,000 views on YouTuber Brandon Recor’s channel, features Mr. Cuomo excoriating and threatening a man who called him “Fredo” during a picture request. 

“I’ll f—ing ruin your s—t,” the CNN host said in response to the “Godfather” movie reference. “I’ll f—ing throw you down these stairs like a f—ing punk.”

Mr. Cuomo also said the character’s name is “like the N-word” to Italians.

“WOW, shocked at all the @CNN anchors & commentators who used the ‘racist’ term ‘Fredo’ to attack me,” Donald Trump Jr.joked Tuesday on Twitter. “Will CNN fire them for using a term that @CNNPR deemed an ‘ethnic slur’ & @ChrisCuomo described as the same as the N word? Or is CNN ok with racist language on their network?”

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