- The Washington Times
Tuesday, August 13, 2019

President Trump on Tuesday defending his furthering a conspiracy theory that the Clintons were involved in disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide because the account he highlighted has over “half a million followers.”

The president sparked controversy over the weekend for retweeting a comment from conservative pundit Terrence K. Williams which included the hashtag “#ClintonBodyCount” — insinuating that the former president and/or his wife was a part of the disgraced financier and sex offender’s death.

During an impromptu press gaggle in New Jersey, Mr. Trump doubled down saying Mr. Williams is “highly-respected” and brushed off whether it was “appropriate.”

“He’s a man who has half a million followers. The retweet was from somebody that’s a very respected conservative pundit, so I think it was fine,” he said.

When asked whether the Clintons had anything to do with Epstein’s death — who was in jail on new sex trafficking charges — the president said he had “no idea” and hinted that his predecessor in office may have been involved in nefarious activities along with Epstein.

“Did Bill Clinton go to the island? Because Epstein had an island. That was not a good place, as I understand it. I was never there. So you have to ask, did Bill Clinton go to the island?” he said, referring to an Epstein estate in the Caribbean alleged to have been a venue for sex trafficking.

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