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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Owner Daniel Snyder may or may not be heavily influencing what the Washington Redskins plan to do for Thursday’s draft. 

106.7 The Fan’s Grant Paulsen tweeted a team source told him that Snyder has “taken over the first round of the draft” for the Redskins — amid other rumors that the team is exploring a trade into the top five of the draft. 

But team spokesman Tony Wyllie told Paulsen that “any person saying Dan Snyder has taken over the team’s first round decision making is ‘categorically false.’” 

Snyder, of course, has previously drawn heavy criticism for what some perceive as meddling into the team’s football making decisions. In 2000, for instance, quarterback Brad Johnson complained the team’s decision to bench him for Jeff George came at Snyder’s behest. “I think that decision’s made from up top,” Johnson said

Paulsen noted that “the last time this happened, the Redskins traded two future [first-round picks] and a No.2 to move up for Robert Griffin III.” 

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