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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

CNN’s Brian Stelter told viewers this week that journalists living in the “Trump world” of “big lies” have the duty to “stand up for decency and morality, especially if others won’t.”

The “Reliable Sources” host who worried in January that “pro-Trump outlets” are “unlike anything we’ve seen before” said Monday that more than facts-based reporting is needed in 2019.

“I know some folks are exhausted by the daily deceptions, the small lies from Trump World, but Trump and his allies are telling big lies,” Mr. Stelter said. “Right now the most popular one is no obstruction — no obstruction at all. The attempts to obstruct are screaming off the page. I guess my point is there is no conspiracy found in the [special counsel Robert] Mueller report, but there’s no integrity either.”

Mr. Stelter then pivoted to a broader question: “What’s the role of the press in this broken environment?”

“In part, our role is to keep collecting facts, all the facts so citizens can make up their own minds,” he said. “But I think it’s also our role to stand up for decency and morality, especially if others won’t.”

Similarly, the CNN host told viewers earlier in the year that journalists must be careful not to disseminate information “framed or refracted through Trump that’s going to hurt the Democrats.”

“Framing Democratic policies and campaigns through Trump’s shots and smears is one of the things that are wrong about political coverage,” he said Jan. 6. “Are reporters repeating some of the mistakes made in 2016 already? Is sexism creeping into the coverage?”

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