- The Washington Times
Monday, September 10, 2018

Europe will soon have another 1,500 U.S. troops stationed in Germany to show NATO’s “collective resolve” against emerging security threats.

A field artillery brigade headquarters, two multiple-launch rocket system battalions, and a short-range air defense battalion will soon pop up in Germany to supplement America’s existing 33,000 troops.

The move, which comes just months after the White House stated a desire to reevaluate its footprint in the region, will “reconstitute the equivalent of division-level combat power,” Col. Terry Anderson, who was the U.S. defense attache in Berlin until last month, told Defense News on Monday.

“Americans are committed to strengthening the transatlantic alliance and President [Donald] Trump’s promise to increase U.S. defense capabilities means the alliance is stronger today,” Richard Grenell, the U.S. ambassador to Germany, wrote in a statement.

“[The decision displays] our continued commitment to NATO and our collective resolve to support European security,” U.S. Army Europe added.

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