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Monday, September 10, 2018

NEW YORK (AP) - Bejeweled bodices, thigh-high platform pumps, stiletto nails and seductive fishnet stockings brought a new level of femme fatale among Disney villains onto the catwalk.

The catwalk of the design duo The Blonds, that is. David and Phillipe Blond, known for edgy, provocative collections and runway shows, collaborated with Disney to merge the wicked and the sleek among its most famous villains - Ursula, Maleficent and more.

Paris Hilton was Cruella de Vil in a studded silver bodysuit, carrying a Chihuahua down the runway Friday, long black and, of course, blonde, hair extensions cascading down. She wore one black thigh-high boot and one in white.

The Disney collaboration, the Blonds told The Associated Press, took them even more over the top than usual.

“It just gave us license to have a lot more fun,” David said.

Phillipe agreed: “Yeah, it gave us a lot of creative license. Our shows are theatrical already.”

Guests were eating it up.

“I love that they have no limits,” said “13 Reasons Why” actress Ajiona Alexus. “I love that they always push it over the edge and do what they really feel. I’m all about color, expressing yourself, and I think that’s what fashion is about, especially for me, so I love that they’re just different and they really push the boundaries.”

Barron Hilton and new wife, Tessa, were on board. He and sister Paris have attended shows by The Blonds in the past.

“I’ve been here with Paris before and there’s always like the craziest stuff, and I love it. It’s like art,” Barron said.

Tessa added: “The outfits, definitely. It’s a live walking art show.”

Also on the runway was model Shaun Ross, YouTuber Patrick Starrr (that’s not a typo) and 10-year-old drag kid Desmond Napoles, the creator of the first drag club for children.

David Blond said he and Phillipe had been inspired by Disney villains since they were both children.

“Plus they have the coolest wardrobe, you know,” said Phillipe. “The Villains. The Blonds. Like, how perfect is that?”

So who are their favorite Disney villains?

“My favorite’s Maleficent, I think. Or Cruella. One of those two, or both, I guess,” Phillipe said.

“I think you’re a combination of both,” David added.

For Patrick Starrr, getting to play Ursula, was “beyond my wildest dreams.”

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