- The Washington Times
Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham on Tuesday rejected theories that he wants to be the new attorney general and said he has “zero interest” in serving in President Trump’s Cabinet.

“I think I can do more good for the country and help President Trump more effectively by being in the Senate,” he told Fox News.

The South Carolina senator was floated as a possible attorney general replacement on Tuesday, as speculation grew around U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley’s planned departure from the Trump administration.

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The D.C. rumor mill theorized that Ms. Haley, who previously served as the governor of South Carolina, could run for his seat if he took Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ position.

Mr. Graham praised his fellow South Carolinian after her resignation was announced.

“Ambassador Nikki Haley has done an outstanding job as United States Ambassador to the United Nations and showed a level of effectiveness rarely seen by someone in this position,” he tweeted. “I know all South Carolinians are proud of the service she rendered to our nation and the Trump Administration.”

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