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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Sen. Jeff Flake condemned Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s rhetoric and temperament at the Senate Judiciary hearings as too partisan.

Mr. Flake, speaking at the Atlantic Festival Tuesday, said he understood Judge Kavanaugh’s fiery defense in his opening testimony Thursday, but he became concerned as the anger persisted in his dialogue with Democrat senators.

“The interaction with the members was sharp and partisan and that concerns me,” the Arizona Republican said. “And I tell myself you give a little leeway because of what he’s been through. But, on the other hand, we can’t have this on the court. We simply can’t.”

A reporter from the Atlantic asked Mr. Flake if his comment meant he would not vote for Judge Kavanaugh, regardless of what the FBI reports at the end of the week, and described his reaction as “rattled.”

“I didn’t say that,” Mr. Flake told her. “I wasn’t referring to him.”

Mr. Flake bemoaned the “food fight” between Republicans and Democrats Friday over the committee vote to determine if Judge Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination would make it to the Senate floor. He stressed that the Supreme Court must be separated from that bitter divide.

Supreme Court is the last bastion, the last institution that most Americans have faith in,” he said, “If that faith is gone, then Heaven help us.”

On Friday, hours before the committee vote, Mr. Flake voted Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination out of committee but urged the Senate leadership to request a one-week, limited-scope FBI investigation into Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault allegations. President Trump approved the additional background check Friday.

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