- The Washington Times
Thursday, October 11, 2018

President Trump touted prison reform on Thursday ahead of his meeting with rapper and designer Kanye West, and steamrolled over any objection his attorney general may have on the issue.

When asked in an interview on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” about Attorney General Jeff Sessions not wanting prison reform, Mr. Trump said it wasn’t up to him.

“Well, if he doesn’t, then he gets overruled by me,” he said.

Mr. Trump will discuss prison reform and violence in Chicago in a meeting with Mr. West later in the day. The president said the crime rate in Chicago was “ridiculous,” and there was “no reason for it.”

Mr. Trump stressed that prison reform is needed, but some issues, “drug dealing and other things,” will be made tougher.

“There has to be a reform,” he said. “It’s very unfair to African-Americans. It’s very unfair to everybody.”

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