Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Hello, Rolling Thunder!

For over 30 years, you have contributed to great legislative efforts to give veterans the rights, health care and support they have earned in service to this great country.

Now in Washington, your voices roar like your motorcycles, and lawmakers and the Trump administration can hear you loud and clear: better and faster care, improved services for female veterans, and the freedom to see a doctor when and where you want are the priorities in Congress.

In theaters of war around the world, you advanced the cause of liberty, liberated millions, stopped the spread of disease and injustice, and been a global force for good. Now at home, you have kept up your duty to other warriors and led the fight for the rights and benefits veterans have earned in service to this nation.

I am proud to join with your organization in introducing two measures important to Rolling Thunder: legislation to end the 40-mile rule for private care through the Department of Veterans Affairs, and legislation to display the POW flag on federal properties. These ideas came from meetings with your membership. This is how the process is supposed to work. The ideas and insight from your experiences make their way into legislation to help veterans. Lobby your representatives and senators to co-sponsor these bills and to support them into becoming law.

Rep. Leonard Lance, New Jersey Republican, is the lead Republican sponsor of H.R. 2037, the Veterans Health Care Freedom Act, and H.R. 504, requiring the POW/MIA flag be displayed on federal property.

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