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Monday, March 19, 2018

Michael Bennettnamed new Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith as well as Eli Manning and Dak Prescott while talking a little trash during his introductory press conference with the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday.

The Seattle Seahawks traded Bennett to the Super Bowl champions earlier this month.

“I know Eli Manning is probably watching this and thinking … yes, I’m coming. I know Dak [Prescott] is watching this like, ‘Yeah, he’s coming.’ Yeah, I am,” Bennett said. “And Alex Smith, he knows he can’t run from me. I told him in the Pro Bowl.”

Bennett has 54 sacks in his nine-year career playing for Tampa Bay and Seattle, including 8.5 last season.

Smith and Bennett both made the Pro Bowl last season; as an alternate, Smith replaced Philip Rivers, who did not play. The Pro Bowl was on Jan. 28, several weeks before Bennett was traded.

“It’s definitely going to be a great season and it’s going to be fun to be out here and be able to chase quarterbacks,” Bennett said.

For the record, the last time Smith faced Bennett in the regular season was in November 2014, when Smith’s Chiefs edged out Seattle, 24-20. Bennett did not record a tackle in the game, let alone a sack.

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