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A wise man once defined insanity as trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. So, can we simply declare liberalism and worship of government to be a mental illness and be done with it?

The government does nothing well. Why do liberals keep insisting that government solve all problems when it hasn’t solved any problem in the last fifty years. In fact, government has created most of the problems we face today. If the government caused the problem in the first place, what makes any sane person think that the government can fix the problem?

The massacre at Parkland Florida is the most recent example. Government failed at every level. Nikolas Cruz, the shooter, was reported to law enforcement multiple times. The FBI was aware of him and closed their file. The local police were aware of him. The school was so worried about him, he was banned from bringing a backpack on to the school campus. Yet, he was able to stroll onto the school campus with a gun and start shooting.

When the shooting started, the failures continued. The school resource officer would not go in to try and find the shooter and neutralize him. Arriving officers were told not to go in but to “stage” outside. Emergency medical teams were at the scene and wanted to go in to aid the wounded but were told not to go in.

And, government failed by banning guns on the school campus. The only person with a gun was the shooter.

What is the response of the crazy, radical left to this?

More government. They want to punish law abiding citizens and restrict them further.

California has a major housing crisis. In the state that would best be described by paraphrasing President Trump as, America’s “sewer hole,” people can’t afford houses. Middle class people are being forced to live in cars and RV’s.

What is California’s response? They are increasing the costs of housing by imposing additional fees and taxes. In addition, there are requirements that union wages be paid on almost any new building project. One of California’s bright ideas is that the state is now mandating local governments build “affordable” housing and if they don’t, the local government is fined $10,000 per housing unit built.

Ignoring the epic failure that always occurs when there are centrally planned government mandates, where does California think the local communities will get the money to pay those fines?

The one solution that works without fail, is the one solution the left never wants to go to. That is, get the government out of the way and let the free market, freedom and liberty work.

If the goal is affordable housing, the free market has worked in the past and will work in the future. If the goal is safe schools, arming teachers and others is an option that will work. How do we know this? It is simple. All of the mass shootings in the last few years have happened in gun-free zones. When men with guns finally show up, the shooters either surrender or kill themselves.

Facts matter but liberals live in a fact free world. That is why they keep worshiping the failed system of socialism. No matter where it has been tried, socialism has failed completely. Yet the left still worships that ideology.

Liberalism truly is a mental disorder. And it is long past time that it be declared so.

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