- The Washington Times
Thursday, June 21, 2018

Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin avoided denouncing the immigration detention policies under the Obama administration during a Wednesday evening interview on CNN.

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin pointed out that the detention facilities used to hold children were already in place during former President Barack Obama’s term. Ms. Baldwin asked the Wisconsin senator if she ever spoke out against that administration as she has against President Trump.

“You know on this issue, we get into a moment where we’re making progress and then when it stalls, we turn around,” the senator responded.

When pressed by the CNN host, Sen. Baldwin explained that she remembered someone held at the border “arguably very inappropriately” who she advocated for. She quickly returned to emphasizing the need for current immigration reform.

“We’ve got to do this now in unison. It’s not enough to do it case by case,” the senator said.

Sen. Baldwin has been vocal this week about her criticisms of the Trump administration’s family separation policy. 

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