- The Washington Times
Wednesday, July 25, 2018

President Trump doubled down on his tariff tactics on Wednesday, arguing that without tariffs the country and farmers would “continue to be ripped off.”

Mr. Trump questioned “weak” politicians and countries responding with retaliatory trade measures, insisting that the U.S. show “no weakness!”

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The president argued that pressure and division in the U.S. are undermining his negotiation efforts. He told those critical of his strategy to “be cool.”

Mr. Trump specifically called out China in his morning tweet storm, accusing them of targeting U.S. farmers. 

On Tuesday, Mr. Trump announced a $12 billion bailout for farmers who are affected in the ongoing trade wars. However, the president continues to face bipartisan backlash from farmers and workers associations.

Mr. Trump continues to push back against his tariff critics, tweeting Tuesday that “tariffs are the greatest.”


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