- The Washington Times
Wednesday, July 25, 2018

A Massachusetts BJ’s Wholesale Club store canceled a promotional book signing for Sean Spicer’s new book, Fox News reported Tuesday night.

Mr. Spicer’s book “The Briefing: Politics, The Press, and the President” became available nationwide starting Tuesday. As the former White House press secretary continues to drum up attention for his new release, Mr. Spicer’s publishers confirmed that one location backed out of promoting the book.

A spokesperson for Regnery Publishing told Fox News, “We got word last Friday the store was canceling ‘due to the political climate.”

The spokesperson explained that there has been additional confusion about rescheduling the book signing. The publishing company was contacted about continuing with the event, while those interested are being told by that BJ’s Wholesale store that the event is still canceled.

“Of course, we were very disappointed, but also surprised since we have had such a terrific response to all of the other events we have scheduled around the country,” the spokesperson said.

Fox News reached out for comment from BJ Wholesale for a comment. An employee at the Massachusetts location confirmed the cancellation, but the corporate office did not release a statement when the story was published. 

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