- The Washington Times
Monday, July 23, 2018

President Trump denied reports that he’s frustrated with North Korea on Monday, saying that he and “all of Asia” are happy with the progress.

Mr. Trump said North Korea hasn’t launched a nuclear or ballistic missile test in months, keeping with the pledge made by the country in March to refrain during peace talks.

He criticized the media’s use of anonymous sources and publishing reports “without ever asking me.”

The Washington Post published the initial report Sunday. Anonymous sources told The Post that the president gets daily updates but is frustrated by the lack of progress and the media coverage.

Mr. Trump pushed back against The Post Monday, accusing the paper of being an “expensive lobbyist” for Amazon.

The Post’s John Hudson responded to the president’s tweet, saying the newspaper contacted the White House for comment “multiple times” before publishing.

Despite reports that North Korea is stalling on negotiations and has not begun breaking down nuclear testing sites, as promised, Mr. Trumpcontinues to tout successful negotiations and a good relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

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