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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Radio host Rush Limbaugh mocked House Democrats on Thursday for wooing voters as the midterm elections near with a slogan also used by one of America’s “favorite” groups of people — personal-injury lawyers.

Rep. Cheri Bustos of Illinois, co-chair of House Democrats’ messaging arm, confirmed “For the People” as the latest linguistic hope for the party. Mr. Limbaugh, whose show broadcasts out of Florida, chuckled at lawmakers for using the same rhetoric as local law firm Morgan & Morgan.

“There’s a personal injury law firm where we live down here, and they advertise everywhere, benches at bus stops, they advertise on the light rail trains, they advertise on buses, they paint the entire bus, ‘For the Injured,’” the conservative said.

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“And it’s people in hospitals with broken legs and on crunches and heads being all bandaged up and then the lawyers are decked out in their three-piece suits. … ‘For the Injured, For the People,’” he continued.

Mrs. Bustos told Politco on Wednesday that in addition to combating the president’s “tweet machine,” the motto clarifies the party’s stance on health care costs, infrastructure plans, and efforts to fight corruption.

“The Democrats oppose tax cuts,” Mr. Limbaugh countered. “That’s ‘For the People.’ Unemployment rate, record low unemployment rate, especially for minorities, African-Americans, Hispanics, massive job growth — that is ‘For the People.’ The Democrats oppose policies that trigger job growth ‘For the People.’”

“The Democrats rig their own primaries to guarantee Hillary Clinton would defeat Bernie Sanders. Is that ‘For the People’? Or was that for Hillary Clinton?  … So I’m up for this. Let’s have an election. ‘For the People’ — by the way, ‘the people,’ a nameless blob, ‘the people,’ versus ‘Make America Great Again.’ ‘For the People’ is included and implied.”

Other slogans offered by Democrats over the past year include “Better Deal” and the idea that Mr. Trump is “Self-Dealing.”

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