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Thursday, July 19, 2018


President Donald Trump clarified in a press conference that he meant to say in Helsinki that he saw no “reason why it wouldn’t” — rather than “it would” — be Russia that meddled in America’s 2016 elections, as discovered by U.S. intel and White House national security officials.

And OK to that. Believe the man or not. Deem him guilty of misspeaking; deem him guilty of lying; deem him guilty of political pandering. Whatever; pick your pleasure. But either way — let’s move on, please.

Not only do hardcore Trump supporters not care, but also, the more the critics shriek about it, the more the anti-Trumpers and “Impeach Trump Now!” radicals harp on it, the more the Trump supporters rally about him.

It’s going to take more than one misstep to turn away this president’s base.

It’s also getting a bit crazy out there in ye olde liberal land — as usual. Which means for GOP candidates facing election fights this November, this whole Helsinki matter could turn back into a pro-Trump, go-Trumpers show.

From Trevor Noah, host of “The Daily Show,” came this reaction to Trump’s clarification: “You know what, that makes sense. I actually believe Trump on this. I’m sorry — let me just get my notes. … Oh, what I meant to say was ‘Get the f— out of here, man. Are you serious? … You f—ed up yesterday [Mr. President] and now you f—ed up today.”

Right. Because nothing says rational like dropping a few f-bombs as part of a political point.

Moving on. Then there was this, from MSNBC contributor and former Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks who first ran with a Watergate comparison of Trump’s sit-down with Vladimir Putin, and then to the Cuban Missile Crisis and Sept. 11. Kitchen sink, anyone?

Wine-Banks ultimately added, Medidate reported: “I would say that [Trump‘s] performance … will live in infamy as much as the Pearl Harbor attack or Kristallnacht.”

Kristallnacht. The night of violent anti-Jewish, anti-Semitic mob attacks and thuggery in the streets of Germany, circa 1938. She compared Trump’s press conference to that.

Then there was this, from The Washington Post: “Trump impeachment odds hit record after Helsinki, says Irish bookmaker.”

Oh come on now, really? We’re really pulling in the bookies to flush out the impeachment talk again? Let’s just reel in some of this nonsense, slow the roll on the “off with his head” calls, and quit the outlandish cries that Trump’s appearance in Helsinki proves — proves! — that he’s in the pocket of Putin and collusion charges are just around the corner.

Ridiculous. The reason for the ongoing wild-eyed accusations emanating from the press and from the left is simply this: There is no collusion. Meanwhile, Trump is a tremendous president who’s made tremendous gains in reeling back the progressive-slash-socialist-slash-global designs of Barack Obama days, as well as the similarly selfish-slash-globalist designs of elitists in the Republican Party.

He’s roared the economy to life; whittled the regulatory climate held so dear by the Big Government types; spanked foreign heads of state into recognizing America as the global leader; driven home the rights of Israel, over the very loud objections of all the anti-Israel forces; shut border doors that stood wide open for years; appointed judges — including a Supreme Court justice, with another on the way — who care more for the Constitution than liberal activism; and generally stood strong in the face of the many, many political adversaries who’d rather see citizens in terms of easy-picking pockets than as the rightful employers of the public servant class.

That first accomplishment alone — the roaring economy — sets Trump up nicely for a second term. And the left knows this. And the left’s terrified of this.

So the left has to keep up the crazy over Helsinki.

Well, news flash, news outlets and leftist pundits in the news: Helsinki was yesterday’s news. Trump’s accomplishments, meanwhile? Today’s news. Today’s ongoing news. And just because the Trump haters in the media won’t recognize that doesn’t make it any less true.

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