Wednesday, July 18, 2018

I came from Poland, from a country where brave people with imagination organized the workers’ movement, Solidarity. This movement, despite repression, despite martial law, brought freedom, democracy, and rule of law to Poland. I do believe that you can have the same. You have Maryam Rajavi, a great leader. You have your National Council of Resistance of Iran that also seems to be prepared for democracy. There will be no chaos. There will be transition to democracy and rule of law.

I could read that there are moderate people in Iran ready for dialogue. After recent months, after all this persecution, they are not ready even to have a dialogue with their own society. Instead of dialogue, they are sending them to prisons torturing them, killing them. So it is time to drop illusions and to organize support for the Iranian opposition.

U.S. and EU should coordinate their support for Iranian resistance and prepare and help to bring change. I am sure that you will win, and Iran will be free, democratic and governed by the rule of law.

Former Polish Minister for Foreign Economic Relations Marcin Swiecicki also served as Mayor of Warsaw.

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