- The Washington Times
Thursday, January 4, 2018

The University of Georgia wants all enrolled students to learn and utilize a set of preferred pronouns — even if those requesting “ze” and “ve” are not present.

A “How-To Guide” recently published by UGA’s LGBT Resource center includes a chart of preferred pronouns that current and future “Bulldogs” must navigate on campus.

One of the instructions provided to the educational watchdog Campus Reform says “respecting someone’s gender identity means using their pronouns, whether they are in earshot or not.”

The school’s LGBT resource center did not respond to Campus Reform’s request for comment.

“This is about denying objective reality in favor of subjective feelings,” UGA student Reed Ferguson told the nonprofit organization Wednesday. “To them, it’s all about how you ‘feel.’”

News of the pronoun chart comes just ahead of an optional UGA “Social Justice Retreat” from January 12-14.

The purpose of the event is to “create a safe space for undergraduate students of all backgrounds to explore issues of diversity, identity, and inclusion, and how these concepts show up in large and small ways,” Campus Reform reported.

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