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Thursday, January 25, 2018

First Lady Melania Trump toured the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington Thursday, calling it a “moving” experience and taking part in a social media campaign to spur online conversations about the Holocaust.

On Twitter, Mrs. Trump thanked the museum “for a powerful & moving tour that honors the millions of innocent lives lost, and educates us on the tragedies and effects of the holocaust.”

Her visit took place ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Saturday.

The first lady ended her tweet with the hashtags “#WeRemember #AskWhy.” It’s a reference to the museum’s new initiative, “Never Stop Asking Why,” aimed at inspiring people to join an online conversation “about the important questions that Holocaust history raises and what they mean for people and societies today,” the museum said.

“At its dedication, the museum’s founding Chairman Elie Wiesel said the museum is a question, not an answer,” said Museum Director Sara Bloomfield. “The Holocaust asks us to consider difficult questions about human nature, our susceptibility to hate and propaganda, and the fragility of societies. With this new initiative, we are asking Americans and people around the globe to join a conversation about what questions Holocaust history raises for them and to understand the past as a way to help them think differently about their role shaping the future.”

More than 6 million Jews and others were killed by Nazi Germany at death camps during World War II.

Since the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum opened 25 years ago, more than 43 million visitors have toured the facility.

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