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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Mayor George Fuller said Thursday that Democratic mayors who skipped the meeting at the White House “missed an opportunity” to tell President Trump their needs.

“It was a meeting well worth having,” Mr. Fuller, mayor of McKinney, Texas, said on Fox News.

He said that his community is one of the fastest-growing in his state and that they need money to put toward infrastructure projects as they continue to expand. Mr. Fuller said he was able to discuss infrastructure spending, along with the other issues laid out on the agenda, adding that he didn’t understand why some mayors chose politics over representing their communities.

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“The position of mayor is a nonpartisan position,” he said.

Mr. Fuller added that allowing his personal view on an issue to become more important than his community would be a “disservice” to those he represents.

The group of U.S. mayors were scheduled to meet at the White House on Wednesday, but several boycotted the meeting due to the administration’s tough stance on so-called sanctuary cities — places where illegal immigrants will not face deportation. Many of the mayors who decided to skip the meeting represent places that describe themselves as sanctuary cities.

A letter, sent earlier Wednesday by the Justice Department, asked cities for more compliance with federal law concerning immigration, which triggered many of the last-minute cancellations. 

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