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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

One of the most storied universities in the United States — Harvard — now offers a class on “excremental poetics” found within French literature.

“Crimson” students shelling out over $40,000 in tuition at the nation’s oldest institution of higher learning can earn four credits if they complete a course called “Cacaphonies: Toward an Excremental Poetics.” The graduate-level class focuses on “omnipresent” fecal matter in French literature throughout the ages.

“This course proposes to take this fecal presence seriously and to attend to the things it has to tell us” the course description reads, The Daily Wire reported Tuesday.

A partial list of class expectations include:

  • “Theorize an excremental poetics where excretion provides a model for the process of writing.”
  • “Provide another angle from which to approach the question of gender and writing, as gender organizes both literature (e.g. the paucity of canonical women writers) and defecation (e.g. the gendering of constipation as a feminine condition).”
  • “Offer an alternative theory of the significance of fecal matter to the dominant one provided by psychoanalysis (i.e. feces as gift, gold, a la Freud).”

The class will be taught by Annabel Kim, an assistant professor of romance languages and literatures.

Undergraduate students may take the course with permission of the instructor.

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