- The Washington Times
Thursday, February 1, 2018

Rep. James Comer said Thursday that he reviewed the memo drafted by Rep. Devin Nunes and said he doesn’t see an issue in releasing it.

“I had a chance to review the memo in my opinion there’s nothing in the memo that would jeopardize our national security or unmask anyone, or do anything that some of the people on your show today have suggested,” Mr. Comer, Kentucky Republican, said on CNN.

Mr. Comer, who is a member of the House Oversight Committee, said that he sees the review of the memo and the subsequent questions as part of Congress’ ability to act as a check on government agencies. He added that he has no issue with Democrats releasing their own memo in conjunction with the Mr. Nunes’ memo, but declined to say if Republicans should wait until the Democratic memo is ready for release before releasing their own account.

“If the Democrats want to release a memo that’s fine with me,” he said.

Republicans would have to wait for the Democratic memo to be reviewed for classified or sensitive information, just as their own memo was reviewed. Democrats wrote their memo after Republicans, which accounts for the delayed release.

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