- The Washington Times
Tuesday, December 4, 2018

CNN President Jeff Zucker is mulling a foray into politics, he hinted on Monday during an interview with Democratic strategist David Axelrod.

“I still harbor somewhere in my gut that I’m still very interested in politics,” he said on CNN’s “The Axe Files” podcast. 

Mr. Axelrod brought up Mr. Zucker’s previous opportunity to work for former Vice President Al Gore in 2000 and recalled that the media president mentioned running for office before.

“So I’m still interested in that, and it’s something that I would consider,” Mr. Zucker said.

“Well, give me a call if you’re thinking about it,” said Mr. Axelrod, chief campaign strategist for former President Barack Obama.

Mr. Zucker has sparred with the Trump administration in recent weeks, as CNN’s chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta was briefly banned from the grounds.

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