Wednesday, December 19, 2018


The Democrats have an ambitious vision for America. One that offers a robust social safety net, demands strict gun control, and is as gay- and female-friendly as possible.

There’s just one problem. Their immigration policy contradicts all of those goals.

The simplest example is the Democrats’ call for a nationwide $15 minimum wage — impossible if America is flooded with those who will work for $5 an hour, because excessive immigration hurts workers at the bottom of the economic ladder, most notably African Americans. An America with a $15 minimum wage is one in which the lower skilled face mass unemployment, particularly if they have to compete with large numbers of immigrants, illegal or otherwise.

Democrats demand that taxpayers subsidize free health care and free college education. These promises are unaffordable for American citizens; when extended to every migrant, it’s pure lunacy. Indeed, ultra-liberal Denmark can afford its social safety net only because it’s saved billions of Euros with its strict immigration policy — having wisely not followed Sweden’s more loose example.

Gun control has become as strict a litmus test for Democrats as abortion. Despite the steady decline in gun violence nationwide, Democrats now threaten to go door to door to confiscate people’s guns. (In Maryland, the government will stop gun violence even if they have to kill people to do it.) Of course, if people cannot get guns legally, they will turn to the black market, which will be particularly easy if there is no Immigration and Customs Enforcement on our southern border to stop gun smugglers from Mexico. Abolish ICE and criminals will get more guns, not less.

Democrats, to their credit, want to end all mistreatment of women, but open-door immigration endangers the safety of women and children. Without ICE, traffickers could easily get sex slaves into America, to say nothing of the importation of single, military-age men from pre-feminist cultures where sexual violence is a casual part of life.

The attitude most non-Western cultures have toward women gets even worse regarding sexual minorities. This is why gay people in France increasingly support the right-wing Front National Party — even though they promise to repeal gay marriage — because they’d rather be single than attacked by violent, anti-gay migrants. Homosexuality is a crime throughout most of Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia. Don’t forget the Orlando night club shooter.

Out-of-control immigration is bad for wages, social services, and minority groups. Indeed, all these reasons are exactly why the Democrats have historically been the party opposed to it. Bill Clinton made cracking down on immigration the highlight of his 1995 State of the Union address. Dianne Feinstein insisted “we can enforce our borders, we should enforce our borders.” Chuck Schumer denounced the phrase “undocumented workers” as a euphemism for illegal immigration. Bernie Sanders insisted guest workers “drive down wages.” Hillary Clinton bragged about voting for a border wall when running for president. Even Barack Obama said “we all agree on the need to better secure the border and to punish those who choose to hire illegal immigrants.”

Most of the world already gets this too. Mexico does not allow unrestricted immigration from south of its border. Wealthy Persian Gulf countries do not allow unrestricted immigration from less-developed Muslim nations. Even Europe is waking up. When Peggy Noonan pointed out that wealthy, protected Angela Merkel never has to worry about Syrians attacking her, she won the Pulitzer Prize. Now even Ms. Merkel admits Germany has migrant-conquered “no-go zones.”

Elitist left wingers’ wealth makes them invulnerable, when not blind, to the damage their policies cause. They can pat themselves on the back about how tolerant they are because they never have to tolerate anything. They hate the wall, but live in gated communities. They want public schools where all languages are spoken, but send their children (if they have them) to expensive private schools. They brag about diverse neighborhoods, but probably don’t live in one.

All criticism and complaints from those who do have to tolerate migration’s deleterious impact are answered with shouts “hate!” But the four-letter word to describe a strict immigration policy isn’t “hate.” It’s “sane.” At least that’s the word that Harry Reid chose when he criticized our immigration policy.

• Jared Whitley has worked in the U.S. Senate, the Bush White House, and the defense industry. He is a principal of Whitley Political Media, LLC.

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